Working with Remote Directories Using os and Paramiko

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In this course, you will learn how to discover and manipulate files, both locally and on a remote server. Paramiko and OS help you examine and move files between two systems.

The OS module, available in the Python standard library, provides a portable way of using operating system dependent functionality, including: Query and modify environment variables, Examine local files and directories and their attributes, Manipulate paths.

Paramiko is a combination of the Esperanto words for paranoid and friend. It's an open-source, third-party package that implements the SSHv2 protocol for a secure (encrypted and authenticated) connection to a remote server. Paramiko establishes an SFTP client to perform a variety of services, including transferring files between systems.

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  • A basic understanding of the Python language and standard library
  • Familiarity with SSH v2 protocol and file system permissions


1. Work with Files and Processes on Your Workstation
2. Work with Files on a Remote Server


What You'll Learn

  • Discover content of a directory on the workstation
  • Retrieve file attributes
  • Determine existence of a file or directory
  • Obtain process parameters
  • Connect to a remote server with username and password
  • Passwordless connection to a remote server
  • Obtain attributes of a file on a remote server
  • Determine existence of a file
  • Upload files from local workstation to remote server
  • Download files from remote server to local workstation

Target Audience

Python developers, Systems engineers, Sysops who needs to automate movement of files between two systems.