On Demand - När du får bestämma

Har du svårt att vara borta flera dagar i sträck eller svårt att veta i förväg när det passar dig att gå kurs? Behöver du bara en del av kursen just nu? En On Demand-utbildning går du när det passar dig, när du behöver det och där du befinner dig, med full kontroll över din planering och full frihet att parera oförutsedda förändringar av dina förutsättningar.

MOC On-Demand Plus

Nu kan du utbilda dig och bygga på dina Microsoftkunskaper utan att för den delen spendera flera dagar i ett klassrum borta från ditt uppdrag eller familjen. Och detta med samma höga kvalitet som du är van med och förväntar dig från de lärarledda officiella Microsoftkurserna. MOC On-Demand...

Microsoft Total Access

Ta din kompetens till en ny nivå när och var du vill med våra demand-lösningar! Få tillgång till alla MOC On-Demand kurser i ett helt år för endast 39 900 kronor!

Global Knowledge Ultimate IT Skills Collection

New & Exclusive – Build your skills with 12 months of unlimited access to over 510 On Demand courses covering the hottest topics in IT.

Cisco Digital Learning

The experience of the Cisco Digital Learning Library is designed to be hands-on, interactive through discovery labs, content review and challenge questions and is segmented in easily-consumable video and text, to ensure that every learning style is accounted for.

Total Access with the Cisco Platinum Learning Library

Are you looking for e-learning that's easy to access, modular and as effective as traditional classroom training? Don't miss out our offer with Cisco Total Access!

Red Hat Learning Subscription

A growing technology market demands new skills and knowledge. Solve today's business challenges and prepare for tomorrow with unlimited access to the definitive online training.

C and C++ Developer Bundle

With the C and C++ Development On-Demand bundle, you get rich media content, hands-on activities and expert support - which means you can access quality learning content quickly and conveniently.

Python Developer Bundle

Python is a fast-growing area of the software development landscape. It ranks in the top 5 as being the most popular language and it is one of the most in-demand jobs.

C# Developer Bundle

Countless companies of all sizes rely on Microsoft solutions, especially .NET technologies, to handle mission critical operations of their business. While off the shelf software typically satisfies the majority of cases, there will always be a demand for custom software solutions to handle...

ASP.NET Developer Bundle

The demand for web development has only grown over the past decade. As the web evolves and as user expectations grow, developers need to equip themselves with the knowledge to provide solutions that are robust, maintainable and a pleasure to use. With this bundle, developers will see how they...

Introduction to Software Development Bundle

Software development is the design and construction of software, which forms the core of technology that is fundamental to our personal and professional life.