Parallel and Asynchronous Programming in C#

Denna kurs i asynkron programmering med C# riktar sig till dig med god erfarenhet av C# och .NET Framework, som vill lära sig moderna tekniker för att hantera concurrency, parallell och asynkron programmering. Utbildningen hålls på engelska.

Modern systems often need to service multiple users concurrently, exploit today's ubiquitous parallel hardware, make effective use of resources while working over networks, and deliver higly responsive user interfaces. These respectively drive programmers towards concurrent, parallel, and asynchronous programming - all of which are genuinely challening.

As the needs of programmers in these areas have grown, the C# language and the .Net framework have evolved to better support such development. Gone are the days where it was all about spinning up threads, juggling locks, and writing completion handlers. Today, we've many more options: Tasks, C# 5's async and await keywords, the Reactive Extensions (Rx), parallel iteration, PLINQ, TPL dataflow, the concurrent collection types - and more!

It may feel like we've gone from having too few good ways to do thing to having too many. However, the diversity of options reflects the diversity of problems developers might face. This course surveys the many options available to C#.Net developers today, considers the sorts of problems each one is suited for, and covers the things you need to know to put them to use. It's all backed up with a solid coverage of the way modern hardware and runtimes work when executing parallel programs, and some of the key theory that applies in the field.

Labs are placed throughout the course to provide an opportunity for practice, discovery, and exploration of the topics covered - and, of course, a chance to ask questions.


Developers who are already experienced with C# and .Net, but unfamiliar with modern techniques for handling concurrent, parallel, and asynchronous programming.


Participants should have a solid knowledge of key C# language features, including OO programming, generics, lambda expressions, and LINQ. No prior experience in parallel, asynchronous, or concurrent programming is needed. The courseware is written in English and the trainer speaks English.

För att alltid hålla en hög kvalitet på våra teknikkurser använder vi både engelsk- och svensktalande experter som kursledare.

Ämnesområden (Engelska)

  • Background
  • Parallel Hardware and Runtimes
  • Ways to Run Code on Threads
  • Locking
  • The Concurrent Collections
  • Introducing async/await
  • async/await in the real world
  • The Reactive Extensions
  • Rx in the real world
  • Parallel Iteration
  • TPL DataFlow
  • Parallel LINQ
  • Lock Freedom
  • Apply All The Things!

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