SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 - Advanced Administration

This SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 Advanced Administration course builds upon the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12: Administration course (N3124) and teaches advanced system administration task on SLES 12.

SLES 12 comes with several innovative technologies - such as systemd as a SystemV init replacement, GRUB2, UEFI, GPT support, and others. This course covers these innovations and also teaches a system administrator how to administer SLES 12 efficiently and effectively.

After attending the course, the student should be capable to administer SLES 12, including systemd, to deal with specialized networking and storage setups, and should have a solid understanding of basic Bash scripts.

Key Objectives 

The goal of this course is to enable the SLES 12 administrator to

  • Use the Shell efficiently and create Shell scripts
  • Configure IPv6 and manage specialized network configuration setups
  • Manage Storage
  • Manage Processes, the boot process, and Systemd
  • Configure common network services
  • Establish server health and troubleshoot problems


Attending students should have a good working knowledge of general system configuration and command line work with Linux.

För att alltid hålla en hög kvalitet på våra teknikkurser använder vi både engelsk- och svensktalande experter som kursledare.


Identity and Security

  • Delegation of Privilege (sudo/polkit)
  • ACLs
  • AppArmor

Advanced Network Configuration

  • Bonding
  • VLAN
  • IPv6

Manage Storage

  • iSCSI
  • MPIO

Monitoring and Troubleshooting

  • Configure System Logging
  • Backup/Recovery, Snapper
  • Establish Server Health
  • Troubleshooting

Network Services

  • SSH
  • xinetd
  • NFSv4
  • Apache2
  • Samba 4

Shell Scripting

  • Elements of Shell Scripts
  • Control Structures
  • Interactive Scripts

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