GroupWise Administration

The GroupWise Administration course (3123) prepares students to administer a GroupWise mail system. 

Students learn the following high-level skills:

•    Installing and configuring a basic GroupWise system on OES and Windows servers.
•    Performing administration tasks in and maintaining a basic GroupWise system
•    Installing, configuring, and optimizing GWIA
•    Expanding a GroupWise system and maintaining it
•    Installing and configuring GroupWise WebAccess
•    Installing and configuring Novell Messenger
•    Monitoring a GroupWise system
•    Installing and configuring a basic GroupWise system on OES Linux

The audience for GroupWise 2014 Administration (Course 3123 ) includes a diverse group of professionals:

•    GroupWise system administrators, integrators and engineers
•    Networking consultants
•    Reseller and partner technical-support staff
•    New GroupWise customers

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to administer a GroupWise system with the new admin tool. They will be able to upgrade an existing GroupWise system from earlier versions. They will be able to upgrade GroupWise clients throughout their organizations. They will know how to set up GroupWise to use a directory for its user source and how to synchronize users.

Ämnesområden (Engelska)

Install and Create a Basic GroupWise System

  • Install GroupWise
  • Create a GroupWise System
  • Manage GroupWise Agents
  • View Agent Activity
  • Modify GroupWise Agent Configuration
  • View Agent Activity in a Web Browser
  • View the GroupWise System
  • Install the 2014 Client

Install the GroupWise Client

  • Explore the GroupWise Client
  • Create a Mailbox Password
  • Create Proxy Rights to Other Users
  • Create Rules
  • Send Messages
  • Use the New Features in the GroupWise Client
  • Adding Panels
  • Working with Categories
  • Personalizing Received Items
  • Sharing a Personal Calendar
  • Managing Items in the Tasklist Folder

Directory Associations

  • Configure Directory Synchronization - eDirectory
  • Configure Directory Synchronization - Active Directory
  • Configure Multi-Directory Synchronization
  • Install the iManager Management Plug-in
  • Install the Windows MMC Plug-in
  • Install the GroupWise Plug-in

Evaluate Performance

  • Evaluate Performance Using Agent Log Files
  • Configure Agent Log Settings
  • Understanding POA Log Files
  • Assign GroupWise Accounts and Create GroupWise Objects
  • Delete GroupWise Accounts and Objects
  • Rename a GroupWise Mailbox
  • Enable Junk Mail Handling


  • Use the Mailbox/Library Maintenance Tool
  • Identify Mailbox Statistics
  • Maintain User Mailboxes
  • Set Up Scheduled Maintenance Events
  • Backup and Restore GroupWise Databases
  • Backup and Restore a Domain Database
  • Backup and Restore a GroupWise Post Office
  • Configure a Restore Area for Your Post Office


  • Install and Configure GWIA
  • Implement Internet Addressing and Test GWIA
  • Enable POP3, Access Control, and LDAP

Expand the System

  • Create and Test a New Post Office
  • Create a Second Post Office
  • Create a Post Office Startup File
  • Add the New Post Office to the GRPWISE startup file
  • Test Message Delivery Between Post Offices
  • Move Users
  • Create a Secondary Domain and Its Post Office
  • Connect and Verify Directory Synchronization
  • Install the Agent Software
  • Identify the Domain Link Structure in Your System


  • Design a WebAccess Configuration
  • Install a One-Server WebAccess Solution
  • Review the Installation Worksheet
  • Prepare for WebAccess Installation
  • Install GroupWise WebAccess
  • Complete the Installation
  • Verify the WebAccess Installation
  • Configure and Test WebAccess Application Properties

Calendar Publishing

  • Install, Configure, and Test the Calendar Publishing Host
  • Create Your Calendar Publishing Host Administrative User and Group
  • Install and Configure the Calendar Publishing Host
  • Configure the Calendar Publishing Host
  • Enable Calendar Publishing
  • Restart Apache and Tomcat
  • Configure a POA for Calendar Publishing
  • Test the Calendar Publishing Host by Publishing a Calendar


  • Install GroupWise Messenger
  • Install the GroupWise Messenger System
  • Configure the Linux Messenger Agents for SSL
  • Install GroupWise Messenger Client from the Download Page
  • Set Up  and Access the Messaging Agent Web Console


  • Install the GroupWise Monitor Agent and Application Components
  • Install the GroupWise Monitor Agent and Application Components
  • Run GroupWise Monitor in Web Console
  • Use the Monitor Web Console
  • View Agents Using Monitor Web Console
  • Access Agent Consoles the from Monitor Web Console
  • Use GroupWise Monitor in an Expanded EnvironmentCreate GroupWise Monitor Groups
  • Use GroupWise Monitor to Filter Agents
  • Verify Links
  • Configure Agent Thresholds
  • Generate GroupWise Monitor Reports
  • Configure the MTAs for Message Logging
  • Performance Testing
  • Other Reports      


  • Update from GroupWise 2012 to GroupWise 2014
  • Validate the GroupWise Database
  • Install the GroupWise 2014 Software
  • Update the DADOM Domain
  • Update the DAPO Post Office
  • Test the Updated System


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