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Ansible är ett system management-verktyg för automatisering av utrullning, styrning och övervakning av en infrastruktur som spänner över fysiska, virtuella och moln-baserade miljöer. Våra kurser inom området arrangeras av Red Hat själva, och leds av erfarna och auktoriserade instruktörer.

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Automation with Ansible

4 dagar

32950 kr

Kod: RH-DO407

Datum: 21 oktober, 13 januari

In this course, you will learn how to use Ansible for automation, configuration, and management. After learning how install and configure Ansible, you will be guide through the steps to create and run playbooks to configure systems. Additionally, you will discover how manage inventories and encryption for Ansible with Ansible Vault learn how to deploy Ansible Tower and, discover how to use Tower to manage systems. Läs mer

Stockholm 21 oktober, 13 januari

Automation with Ansible II: Ansible Tower

2 dagar

18450 kr

Kod: RH-DO409

Datum: Kursen hålls på begäran

Take your automation to the next level with Ansible Tower. Automation with Ansible II: Ansible Tower DO409 is designed for IT professionals who use Ansible by Red Hat and need to centrally manage their Ansible projects in a way that scales to large teams and complex enterprise installations using Ansible Tower by Red Hat. Läs mer

Network Automation with Ansible

4 dagar

32950 kr

Kod: RH-DO457

Datum: Kursen hålls på begäran

Learn how to use Red Hat Ansible Automation for Networking to remotely automate configuration of network devices, test and validate the current network state, and perform compliance checks to detect and correct configuration drift. Läs mer