Masterclass: DevOps and PowerShell Fundamentals

Vill du komma och träffa Jeff Hicks - en av världens mest framstående inom PowerShell? Med över 25 års erfarenhet har han specialiserat sig på Microsoft-teknologi med tonvikt på automation och effektivitet. Han har flera år på rad mottagit Microsofts MVP Award i PowerShell, Cloud och Datacenter. Jeff jobbar idag som oberoende författare, instruktör och konsult. Han undervisar och talar framgångsrikt världen över och har följt utvecklingen av PowerShell sedan version 1.0. Kursen är labbintensiv och hålls på engelska.

This 5-day instructor-guided course is intended to introduce and teach DevOps fundamentals of with an emphasis on PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC). Every day more companies adopt the DevOps paradigm to increase IT efficiency, meet growing customer demands and drive down costs. DevOps principals are implemented through technologies and tools. In this course you will learn about Desired State Configuration and PowerShell. 

The goal of the course is it to introduce students to DevOps concepts and specifically how PowerShell and DSC can play a critical role with configuration management. While DSC is a technology that leverages PowerShell, you don’t have to have extensive PowerShell knowledge in order to use it. The course will teach you the necessary PowerShell skills in order to be immediately effective with DSC.

The class is designed to be very hands-on with minimal PowerPoint presentations. The emphasis will be on using PowerShell 5.1 in a corporate environment as part of a DevOps practice. Come prepared to be engaged and challenged!


This course is intended for IT Professionals with at least 3-5 years of Windows server administration. The typical student will be one who is responsible for deploying, configuring and maintaining server infrastructure and is looking for ways to automate their workload.

While some PowerShell experience is helpful, it is not required. Attendees should have experience installing and configuring a Windows Server, basic networking knowledge and general understanding of IT operations.


Day 1

  • Introduction and Welcome
  • What is the DevOps Paradigm?
  • Creating Your First Configuration

Day 2

  • Desired State Configuration Concepts
  • Understanding DSC Resources
  • Creating a Configuration
  • Preparing the Managed Node
  • Basic configuration lab

Day 3

  • Working with Configurations
  • Advanced Configurations
  • Advanced Labs

Day 4

  • Writing custom resources: Advanced Functions
  • Introduction to PowerShell modules
  • Test-Based Development
  • Custom Resources

Day 5

  • Troubleshooting DSC
  • DSC Tips and Tricks
  • DSC Next Steps
  • PowerShell and DevOps Lab 

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