Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics, Operation Management Suite and Windows Defender ATP

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200+ days. That’s the average amount of time that attackers reside within your network until they are detected, gathering classified data and information, waiting to strike at just the right moment. The Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA) helps to identify breaches and threats using behavioral analysis and provides a clear, actionable report on a simple attack timeline. 

With more and more computing resources being deployed every year, the job of administrator becomes much more complicated. Operations Management Suite (also known as OMS) is a collection of management services that were designed to lessen that burden. OMS helps with managing both on premise and cloud workloads. Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) is the newest Microsoft offering that provides preventative protection, detects attacks and zero-day exploits, and gives you centralized management for your end-to-end security lifecycle. Due to unique construction Windows Defender ATP can quickly adapt to changing threats, deploy new defenses, and orchestrate remediation.


Infrastructure architects, security professionals, systems engineers, network administrators, IT professionals, security consultants and other people responsible for implementing network and perimeter security.


An ideal candidate for this course should have at least two years hands-on experience with Active Directory Domain Services and good understanding of Windows authentication protocols. Background in working with Microsoft Azure is highly recommended.


Threat landscape

ATA Architecture

Detection Module

Analytics Module


OMS Introduction

Onboarding machines to OMS

Working with OMS Data

Working with OMS Solutions

Alerting Capabilities

Windows Defender ATP Architecture

Windows Defender ATP Components

Detecting Attacks with Windows Defender 

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