SQL Server 2017 – DBA and Developer Skills Update

Under den här SQL Server 2017-kursen lär du dig nyheterna inom Business Intelligence i SQL Server 2017. Du lär dig bland annat om prestanda och tillgänghet, SQL Graph, Azure SQL Database och SQL on Linux.

Kursen fokuserar på skillnader mellan SQL Server 2017 och version 2016.


Kursen riktar sig till dig som idag utvecklar eller administrerar SQL Server-databaser och vill lära dig nyheterna i SQL Server 2017.


Introduction to SQL Server 2017

This module describes the key capabilities and components of SQL Server 2017.

What’s new in SQL Server Performance, Scalability, and Availability

This module introduces the performance enhancements provided by Adaptive Query Processing and Automatic Tuning, as well as the scalability and availability enhancements provided by new Availability Group architectures, including Read-Scale Availability Groups and Availability Groups with SQL Server on Linux.

  • Adaptive query processing
  • Automatic tuning
  • Availability Scalability

What’s New in SQL Server data Access

SQL Server 2017 introduces SQL Graph which enables you to define the relationships between your data items in a table rather than calculating them during a query, reducing the query cost and simplifying your data structure.

What’s new in SQL Server in the Cloud

Organizations want the best value from a mixture of cloud services and their existing investment in on-premises hardware and software. This module covers a comparison between the features of Microsoft Azure SQL Database and Microsoft SQL Server 2017, as well as new features that make it easier for you to migrate databases from on-premises SQL Server instances to Azure SQL Database.

  • Azure SQL database features
  • Managed Instances

SQL Server on Linux

This module covers the features of SQL Server on Linux, as well as the process for deploying SQL Server on Linux and using Docker.


Experience of building and managing business intelligence (BI) solutions with SQL Server 2016.

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