Kevin Kline: From Beginning to Advanced SQL Developer in One Day

What are the most problematic patterns and anti-patterns that trip up SQL Server developers on a daily basis? What sort of SQL and Transact-SQL challenges does every SQL Server developer encounter at some point in their career?

This full-day, pre-conference seminar takes a tour of the most common and challenging issues that database developers face. Learn how to conquer them today so that they won’t take you surprise in the future. Loaded with live demonstrations and useful techniques, this session will teach you how to take your SQL Server queries mundane to masterful. 

In this course, you’ll learn: 

  1. Internal operations of the SQL Server query optimizer and caching mechanisms and their impact on T-SQL code performance, including ways to shortcut default behavior using trace flags. 

  1. Tricks, techniques, and metadata analysis needed to make T-SQL code, including queries and stored procedures, achieve top performance and maximum reliability. 

  1. A variety of patterns and anti-patterns in T-SQL coding that are common challenges for all but the most advanced database developers. 

With this massive coding toolkit of tips and techniques, you’ll be able to write T-SQL code that consumes less system CPU, memory, and IO, while being easier to maintain and offering faster performance. 



Beginning competence in SQL and Transact-SQL syntax, such as coding SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements, using cursors and variables, and invoking functions and procedures. Basic familiarity with reading execution plans is very helpful. 

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