Analyzing Data with Power BI

During this course you will get a good understanding of data analysis with Power BI. The course includes how to combine, transform and model data and create visualizations. The course also covers how to connect Power BI with SQL Server Analysis Services data and big Data sources such as Hadoop.


The course will likely be attended by SQL Server report creators who are interested in alternative methods of presenting data. 


Before attending this course, students must have:

  • Good knowledge of relational databases and reporting.
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Office applications – particularly Excel.

För att alltid hålla en hög kvalitet på våra teknikkurser använder vi både engelsk- och svensktalande experter som kursledare.


Module 1: Introduction to Self-Service BI Solutions

  • Introduction to business intelligence
  • Introduction to data analysis
  • Introduction to data visualization
  • Overview of self-service BI
  • Considerations for self-service BI
  • Microsoft tools for self-service BI

Module 2: Introducing Power BI

This module introduces Power BI desktop, and explores the features that enable the rapid creation and publication of sophisticated data visualizations.

  • Power BI
  • The Power BI service

Module 3: Power BI

At the end of this module students will be able to explain the rationale and advantages of using Power BI.

  • Using Excel as a data source for Power BI
  • The Power BI data model
  • Using databases as a data source for Power BI
  • The Power BI service

Module 4: Shaping and Combining Data

With Power BI desktop you can shape and combine data with powerful, built-in tools. This module introduces the tools that are available for preparing your data, and transforming it into a form ready for reporting.

  • Power BI desktop queries
  • Shaping data
  • Combining data

Module 5: Modelling data

This module describes how to shape and enhance data.

  • Relationships
  • DAX queries
  • Calculations and measures

Module 6: Interactive Data Visualizations

This module describes how to create and manage interactive data visualizations.

  • Creating Power BI reports
  • Managing a Power BI solution

Module 7: Direct Connectivity

This module describes various connectivity options using Power BI.

  • Use Power BI direct connectivity to access data in Azure SQL data warehouse, in addition to big data sources such as Hadoop
  • Use Power BI with SQL Server Analysis Services data, including Analysis services models running in multidimentional mode.

Module 8: Developer API

This module describes the developer API within Power BI.

  • The developer API
  • Custom visuals

Module 9: Power BI mobile app

This module describes the Power BI mobile app.

  • The Power BI mobile app
  • Using the Power BI mobile app
  • Power BI embedded

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