Managing HP 3PAR StoreServ II

This course covers Remote Copy, System Reporter, AdaptiveOptimization, and Peer Motion. Additional topics include bestpractices: performance, cost, and high availability along withthe new EVA to HPE 3PAR Online Migration feature. Hands-on lab exercises help illustrate the concepts learned.

The two-day course is 50% lecture and 50% hands-on labs using HPE 3PAR arrays. In some cases studentswill partner with other students for hands-on labs.



HPE 3PAR administrators who desire additional training on morefeatures and concepts of the HPE 3PAR disk array.


At the conclusion of this course you should be able to:

  • Understand the difference between Synchronous, Periodic Asynchronous, and Synchronous Long Distance (SLD) modes
  • Perform a failover of a Remote Copy Group (RCG)
  • Use Management Console 4.3 GUI and the CLI to manage Remote Copy
  • Use System Reporter quick reports, custom reports, and scheduled reports
  • Configure email alerts in System Reporter
  • Set up an Adaptive Optimization (AO) configuration
  • Know how SSDs, Fibre Channel (FC), SAS (FC – Fast Class) and Near-Line (NL) drives fit into an AO tiered storage solution
  • Use the AO reports in System Reporter and the new AO reports inManagement Console 4.3
  • Describe RAID impact on overall performance, cost, and availability
  • Understand the HP 3PAR caching algorithms
  • Use the CLI stat commands for troubleshooting HP 3PARperformance issues
  • Use the System Tuner capabilities
  • Administrate a Peer Motion configuration


  • Managing HPE 3PAR Disk Arrays (HK902S) or
  • An understanding of HPE 3PAR disk array concepts (CPG, VV, VLUN)


  • Operating system administration training/experience and
  • SAN and storage technologies training/experience

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