AirWave Wireless Management Suite Installation, Configuration and Use

This hands-on course provides the knowledge and experience required to install and use the AirWave Wireless Management Suite: AirWave Management Platform (AMP), RAPIDS, and Visual RF.

Structured labs provide students individual time with the AMP server and a series of exercises that progress from monitoring single-vendor networks to the configuration and reporting of complex, multi-vendor networks. Students also learn how to integrate AirWave products into an existing network. The course is WLAN vendor neutral and assumes a heterogeneous network.


This course is intended for:

  • Network Administrators who monitor and troubleshoot wireless networks
  • Network and System Administrators responsible for installing and configuring network monitoring systems


Before attending this course, students must have:

  • Basic WLAN terminology and concepts
  • Knowledge of wired and wireless networking design and operations
  • Experience installing network monitoring software


  • Module 0: Course Introduction
  • Module 1: Introduction to AWMS
  • Module 2: Installing AWMS
  • Module 3: Adding Devices to AWMS
  • Module 4: Aruba IAP-Organization and Groups
  • Module 5: Visual RF and Visual RF Plan
  • Module 6: Network Health
  • Module 7: Client Troubleshooting
  • Module 8: Rogue Dection and RAPIDS
  • Module 9: Managing Admin Access, Triggers, Alerts, and Reporting
  • Module 10: Scalability and Redundancy
  • Module 11: Systems Administration
  • Module 12: Wired Device Management
  • Module 13: AWS-Aruba Groups
  • Module 14: Configuring Aruba Devices
  • Module 15: Aruba IAP and templates
  • Module 16: Aruba IAP-Gui configuration
  • Module 17: Cisco Groups and Firmware update
  • Module 18: Cisco IOS Templates
  • Module 19: WLC Configuration

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