Managing Enterprise Networks with Prime Infrastructure v2.2

Cisco Prime Infrastructure is a unified solution that allows you to manage the network, devices, applications and users from one place thus simplifying the management of wireless and wired networks. This 5 day instructor led course is focused on v2.2 of the Prime Infrastructure product, enhancements in the software have meant that this course is longer in duration than it's predecessor WMUAPI and flows differently to accomodate the changes to the Prime Infrastructure menu format.

Förkunskaper (Engelska)

Attendees should meet the following prerequisites:

  • Knowledge of networks and networking terminology (CCNA Routing and Switching or equivalent)
  • Knowledge of wireless networks and wireless networking terminology (CCNA Wireless or equivalent)
  • Previous training in or experience with network administration, management and troubleshooting is recommeneded. 


Ämnesområden (Engelska)

Cisco Prime Infrastructure Overview

  • Defining Network Management
  • Exploring the Network Management Process
  • Introducing Cisco Prime Infrastructure
  • Installing Cisco Prime Infrastructure
  • Getting Started with Cisco Prime Infrastructure
  • Configuring Initial Server Settings

Inventory Management

  • Populating the Network Inventory
  • Managing the Network Inventory
  • Managing Groups
  • Managing Network Device Software Images

Map the Network

  • Managing Wireless Maps
  • Managing Network Topology Maps

Role-Based Access Control

  • Managing Virtual Domains
  • Managing Local User Authentication and Authorization
  • Managing Remote AAA Mode Settings

Configuration Management

  • Managing the Configuration Archive
  • Managing Configuration Templates for Wired Devices
  • Managing Configurations for Wireless Devices
  • Using Plug and Play

Services Management

  • Working with AVC, QoS and IWAN Services
  • Deploying Cisco TrustSec Identity Services

Monitor and Troubleshoot

  • Monitoring Devices and Interfaces
  • Monitoring the Wireless Network
  • Monitoring Applications
  • Tracking Clients and Users
  • Generating Reports

System Administration

  • Managing the Server
  • Using Cisco Prime Infrastructure API
  • Using Operations Center


  • Lab 1: Optional Instructor Demo: Virtual Appliance Setup
  • Lab 2: Access Cisco Prime Infrastructure
  • Lab 3: Initial Server Configuration
  • Lab 4: Populate the Network Inventory
  • Lab 5: Manage the Network Inventory
  • Lab 6: Manage Groups
  • Lab 7: Manage Device Software Images
  • Lab 8: Manage Wireless Maps
  • Lab 9: Manage Network Topology Maps
  • Lab 10: Create a Virtual Domain and Add a User
  • Lab 11: Manage the Configuration Archive
  • Lab 12: Manage Wired Device Templates
  • Lab 13: Manage Wireless Device Configurations
  • Lab 14: Manage AVC and QoS Services
  • Lab 15: Monitor Devices and Interfaces
  • Lab 16: Monitor the Wireless Network
  • Lab 17: Track Clients, Users, and Applications
  • Lab 18: Generate Reports
  • Lab 19: Configure Operations Center

After completing this course you should be able to:

  • Describe fundamental network management concepts and introduce the features of Cisco Prime Infrastructure
  • Manage the inventory with Cisco Prime Infrastructure
  • Map the network using the tools in Cisco Prime Infrastructure
  • Manage user access to tasks, functions, and devices in Cisco Prime Infrastructure
  • Manage the devices and configuration archive in Cisco Prime Infrastructure
  • Work with Cisco AVC, QoS, and Cisco IWAN services using Cisco Prime Infrastructure tools and deploy Cisco TrustSec identity services using Cisco Prime Infrastructure
  • Monitor and troubleshoot your network with Cisco Prime Infrastructure
  • Perform system administration tasks in Cisco Prime Infrastructure


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