Inspelade sessionerna från The Windows 10 Tour

Här kan du ta del av samtliga sessioner från The Windows 10 Tour som gick av stapeln den 22-24 september 2015. Filmerna inkluderar alla sessioner från The Windows 10 Tours talare: Sami Laiho, Paula Januszkiewicz och Jörgen Nilsson.


Här hittar du alla sessioner och vad det handlar om.

Keynote: 10 reasons why Windows 10 will change the world – Sami Laiho

Windows 10 will be the last Windows ever and will change many fundamentals of IT operations in companies. From the deployment, through management and support, all the way to decommissioning the OS there are new ways to do old tasks. On this session a leading Windows OS expert Sami Laiho will go through ten things that will change the world of IT as we’ve learn to know it.

Deploying Windows 10 – Using Config Mng / Intune– Jörgen Nilsson

When deploying Windows 10 we have got a lot of new options, In-place upgrade, WICD, provisioning packages and much much more. Configuration Manager 2012 R2 Sp1 have limitied Windows 10 support what will Configuration Manager vNext have for additional Windows 10 features that will make our life easier? All this will be answered, demoed and explained! Welcome to the new world of deployment and management of Windows!

Hacker’s Perspective on your Windows Infrastructure: Windows 10 Mandatory Check List – Paula Januszkiewicz


If there is a weakness in your IT security system, wouldn’t it be better to find it before someone else does? What kind of information and how far hacker will get if you leave Windows 10 misconfigured? The worst thing is that even a small scale security breach could leave your business in poor condition and in the end information security is not an IT department’s problem, it is a business issue!

Deep dive to Windows 10 – Sami Laiho

Most people are talking about the return of the Start-menu, Continuum, Tablet-mode or apps in Windows. Is Windows 10 anything more than a UI upgrade? On this session Sami Laiho, Windows OS MVP, will take you to the root of the operating system and tell you what has changed in the core OS and its components – The really REALLY important stuff.

Windows 10 – Azure AD / EMS – Jörgen Nilsson

During this session we will deep dive into what Azure AD and EMS brings to Windows 10 management. The new possibilities with Azure AD, managing Windows 10 using the MDM interface, Azure AD Join and Bring your own device scenario are all covered in this session. We will cover real-world scenarios where these features provides new possibilities and end-user experiences.

The Ultimate Windows 10 Hardening Guide:
What To Do To Make Hackers Pick Someone Else – Paula Januszkiewicz

It is pretty clear that we have a smart new generation who understand how to get around computer systems — some are doing it just for fun, while others are doing it with a slightly more sinister intent! Then we read in newspapers about these impressive findings done by a young hacker. Are these really targeted attacks or it was just for a good time and by accident he discovered something that had some usefulness. At the same time knowing the areas to be secured, we have a new generation of technology, like Windows 10, that implements a lot of protection mechanisms! What are those mechanisms about and how we can use them to give the hacker the simple response: ‘Do whatever you want but somewhere else!