DevSum16: Michal Lusiak- Bringing beacons to Windows platform

Ta del av Michal Lusiaks session Bringing beacons to Windows platform

Beacons are small Bluetooth LE devices that can bring physical context to your mobile apps. They were first embraced by iOS ecosystem when Apple introduced iBeacons few years ago. Last year Google announced project Eddystone, that uses similar concept, but expands it, add few features on top of that and make it more open. Seems like Windows is a bit behind in this area. Until recently there were no APIs in Windows stack to access beacons but it has changed.

This talk will be crash course in beacons technology and business cases for them and then we’ll move to technical part: how to write code that interacts with beacons on Windows platform.

If you’re Windows mobile developer and are interested in adding physical context to your applications or just interested in beacons as a technology, this talk is for you.