DevSum16: Rob Ashton - The 100% Remote Distributed Dream

Ta del av Rob Ashtos session The 100% Remote Distributed Dream

We often talk about remote work being the future of most office jobs (development included) – and an increasing number of companies offer remote positions as part of the spec. With this we see an increasing number of complaints that this just doesn’t work out and even see companies ceasing this practise. I have been fortunate enough to be working in a company for two years that doesn’t even have an office to be ‘on-site’ with, the directors, developers and salesmen all work at home or wherever they may be in the world. I myself have just kept on travelling and getting work done whenever it feels convenient to do so.

I feel I have learned a lot of valuable lessons as part of this as contrast to nearly a decade of enterprise and start-up experience – how does this actually work? What happens when you’re 14 hours around the world from each other? How do you know what to work on? How do you stay up to date with each other? Some of these answers from the company I work for will surprise even other remote workers..

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