DevSum16: Paul Stack - The Quest for Infrastructure Management 2.0

Ta del av Paul Stack session The Quest for Infrastructure Management 2.0

The age old task of racking and stacking in a physical data centre is becoming more and more rare as more companies embrace the public cloud. Having the ability to chose between providers such as AWS, Azure, Digital Ocean and Google Cloud Platform makes creating infrastructure easy. It is better to spend time developing better services for our customers than managing infrastructure.

During this talk, Paul will demonstrate how building a scalable infrastructure on Azure, AWS and Digital Ocean becomes easy with Terraform. The talk will discuss the practices that allow developers, operations and QA teams to be able to create environments easily in the cloud.

By the end of the talk, Paul will have demonstrated that the creation of infrastructure now becomes part of the development lifecycle and that the old ways of system administration is fast moving to become infrastructure engineering. Paul will also demonstrate that the creation of new ‘environments’ are just a change of parameters in our infrastructure code.

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