DevSum16: Michael Herkommer- Docker for .NET developers

Ta del av Michael Herkommers session Docker for .NET developers

Docker has been ”in fashion” for some years now, but recently interest has exploded. During this session you will get a quick spin around the block on how Docker can assist you from a .NET developers perspective, while not forgetting about DevOps. We will look at the whole workflow: setting-up, developing, QA and production.

Key points will be:

  • Why Docker, very short motivation on the problem it solves
  • How to use with VS2015 and VSTS/TFS on Windows
  • Docker Tools
  • Hooking your code into a Container
  • Dockerfiles and Images via the Hub
  • Multiple Containers with Compose
  • Setting up deployment on Azure using Docker
  • Release Management integrations/extensions using Docker

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