DevSum16: Keynote - User Interaction Design in an Emerging Experiences World- Tim Huckaby

Ta del av Tim Huckabys keynote User Interaction Design in an Emerging Experiences World

How are natural & intuitive interactive emerging experiences designed into software?  How do you design inspirational Emerging Experiences in new scenarios across the broadest range of devices, from big screens to small screens to no screens at all?  How do you build software for a world that is more mobile, natural and grounded in intuitive?

Join Tim Huckaby in a demo heavy, entertaining and technical discussion of the future of More Personal Computing and Emerging Experiences.

Touch, Gesture, Voice Recognition, Demographic Profiling, Facial Recognition, Emotional Recognition, Holographic Experiences and more: All the bad; all the good; privacy law, all the real customer demos and stories, and the tools, tips and tricks learned along the way.

This demo-heavy keynote will show you a number of real emerging experiences solutions (from propriety solutions to broadcast television solutions you see every day).  Tim Huckaby will show you the use cases where these types of emerging experiences solutions are happening.  And those coming in the immediate future and beyond.

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