DevSum16: David Waller - Down the functional reactive rabbit hole: exploring Cycle.JS

Ta del av David Wallers session Down the functional reactive rabbit hole: exploring Cycle.JS

React.JS made a big enough splash in the JavaScript community to be heard all the way to the backend. Its elegant component abstraction and embracing of functional programming released some powerful ideas that forever changed the map of the web app landscape.

Now the rings have spread further and the ideas grown wilder – what if we abstract not just the component, but the application itself? Descending a couple of Inception levels (mandatory pop culture reference, apologies) we find Cycle.JS, which builds on Microsoft’s Rx.JS library to create a tiny yet all-encompassing ”functional and Reactive JavaScript framework for cleaner code”.

In this session you’ll get a hands-on introduction to Rx.JS and Cycle.JS, and a chance to understand why the lure of their ideas is so powerful.

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