DevSum16: Barbara Fusinka - Analysing GitHub events with R and Azure

Titta på Barbara Fusinkas session Analysing GitHub events with R and Azure

R platform has made the world of data analysis and performance more approachable. It has become an important tool for computational statistics and data visualization. With Microsoft acquiring Revolution Analytics it’s also now a part of the Azure family.

In this talk Barbara will show how you can use R to turn application data into useful business insights. As the source of data Barbara will use Github Archive, event based commits datasets. She will ask question which languages had interesting trends at specific points of time. The records reveal interesting conclusions about why particular repositories are more popular than others.

At the end, attendees will understand how they can apply R for their own application. The language will help them develop intuition about their own data sets. This could allow them to turn unstructured data into information that they could monetize.

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