DevSum16: Alan Smith - The Internet of Things & Device to Cloud Integration with the Azure IoT Hub and Lego

Ta del av Alan Smiths session The Internet of Things & Device to Cloud Integration with the Azure IoT Hub and Lego

The “Internet of Things” is a broad description of connecting physical devices with applications and services over the internet. Devices can range from million dollar industrial machinery to small-scale home automation. Cars, busses, trains, wind-turbines and coffee machines now have the capacity to send telemetry data and receive control messages from cloud-based applications. The emergence of small, inexpensive devices such as the Raspberry Pi, and Adruino boards, coupled with the easy access to cloud-based platforms put this rapidly evolving technology within reach of start-ups and hobby developers. Cloud-Based services such as the Azure IoT Hub, Azure Event Hubs and massively scalable storage solutions allow for the development of back-end services to support those devices and provide detailed real-time analysis of the telemetry streams.

This demo intensive session will show how physical devices can be integrated with cloud-based services in Microsoft Azure. The principles, patterns and best practices of integrating devices to the cloud will be covered in detail. Receiving and processing telemetry data, notification messages, and sending control messages securely will be explored.

See what can be achieved with Azure, a Raspberry Pi, Lego Mindstorms, a small dash of C and Python and some creativity and imagination.

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