Cisco webinar: Understanding Geo Location on CUCM

Kostnadsfritt! Online, 4 oktober kl 18.00

This session explains how Geolocations, Geolocation Filters, and Logical Partitioning can be used by people in countries, such as India, who need to separate their Off-net calls from their On-net calls. The Class of Service provided by Calling Search Spaces (CSSs) and Partitions might not provide the level of granularity that is required in order to comply with certain laws and regulations.

The discussion of logical partitioning includes:

  • Device types, where phones are classified as interior, and gateways and trunks are defined as border. Below lists the endpoint types for different devices.
  • Geolocations, where endpoints are assigned a civic address to be used in policy decisions.
  • Geolocation filters, where policy decisions can be made on a subset of the geolocation objects.
  • Policies, where communications between endpoints are either allowed or denied based on their comparative (filtered) geolocations and device types.
  • Test case scenarios.

Basic configuration:

  • Enable Logical Partitioningà System > Enterprise Parameters > Logical Partitioning Default Policy (set this to true)
  • System — Geo location
  • System — Geo location filter
  • Assign this location and filter to Device pool, gateway, ICT Trunk

Datum och tid: Torsdag, 4 oktober kl 18.00 - 19.00
Pris: Gratis