Developer Workshops

I samband med vår årliga utvecklarkonferens DevSum anordnar vi workshops med experter inom utveckling. Nytt för i år är att du kan boka workshops utan att gå på konferensen. Här får du chansen att fördjupa dina kunskaper och möta instruktörer i världsklass under en heldag fullspäckad med utveckling!

Alla workshops sker i våra kurslokaler i Stockholm, Kista, onsdagen den 30 maj 2018 (undantag för en workshop med Dan Wahlin den 29 maj) mellan kl 9-17. Frukost, lunch och fika ingår i priset.

Workshop - Functional Programming with Kotlin with Hadi Hariri

In this workshop we’ll explain the basics of functional programming, where it fits in with the Object Orientation paradigm and how we can use functional programming in our every day work. We’ll cover important concepts functional programming such as: Lambdas, Higher Order Functions, Partial Functions, Currying, Monads, Memoization and see how we can apply these in a series of functional patterns to cut down our codebase and at the same time make sure we keep it maintainable.

Workshop - Deep Dive into ASP.NET Core with Scott Allen

ASP.NET Core is Microsoft’s new cross-platform framework for building web applications and services. In this workshop, we’ll see how to build web applications and web services, as well as how to test and deploy our projects. Along the way we’ll discuss architectural styles, best practices, JavaScript services, as well as tips and tricks to make you and your team productive in ASP.NET Core.

Workshop - ”Auth Vader: You are unwise to lower your defences!” – Modern Authentication using IdentityServer 4 and ASP.NET Core with Scott Brady

A whirlwind tour of claims-based identity, access control, OAuth, and OpenID Connect. In this workshop you’ll get hands on with implementing IdentityServer 4, securing APIs, and enabling simple, scalable Single Sign On (SSO). 

Workshop - Visualising software architecture with the C4 model with Simon Brown

It’s very likely that the majority of the software architecture diagrams you’ve seen are a confused mess of boxes and lines. Following the publication of the Manifesto for Agile Software Development in 2001, teams have abandoned UML, discarded the concept of modelling and instead place a heavy reliance on conversations centered around incoherent whiteboard diagrams or shallow ”Marketecture” diagrams created with Visio. Moving fast and being agile requires good communication, yet software development teams struggle with this fundamental skill. A good set of software architecture diagrams are priceless for aligning a team around a shared vision and for getting new-joiners productive fast.

Workshop - Angular Core Concepts (CLI, Data Binding/Templates, Components) with Dan Wahlin

In this workshop you’ll be taught by Google Developer Expert Dan Wahlin about the core concepts of the Angular framework and the benefits that Single Page Applications (SPAs) can offer. The workshop starts by introducing the Angular CLI and shows how to get an Angular project up and running quickly. Obs! Denna workshop hålls den 29 maj.

Workshop - Angular Essentials (Services, HTTP, RxJS, Routing, Forms) with Dan Wahlin

In this workshop you’ll learn about Angular services, dependency injection, HTTP calls to RESTful services, RxJS and observables, and how code can be abstracted out of components to make it more reusable.

Workshop - Developer’s Introduction to UX Design with Billy Hollis

If you create views, screens, or web pages for your users, then like it or not, you are doing UX design. Why not learn to do it better? Billy Hollis leads a team of developer/designers who have created some of the most innovative and world class business apps of the last ten years.

Workshop - Paradigms Lost, Paradigms Regained: Programming with Objects and Functions and More with Kevlin Henney

It is very easy to get stuck in one way of doing things. This is as true of programming as it is of life. Although a programming paradigm represents a set of stylistic choices, it is much more than this: a paradigm also represents a way of thinking. Having only way to think about problems is too limiting. A programming paradigm represents a set of patterns of problem framing and solving and contains the ingredients of software architecture. As Émile Auguste Chartier noted, there is nothing more dangerous than an idea when you have only one idea.

Workshop - Docker on Windows: From 101 to Production with Elton Stoneman

Docker is a platform for running applications in lightweight units of compute called containers. You can run new and old apps in containers, and get increased portability, security and efficiency for your software. The platform supports the full development and deployment lifecycle – with Docker you can build, ship and run any app anywhere.

Vi förbehåller oss rätten att ställa in workshops.