PowerShell Masterclass with Jeffery Hicks

Masterclass with Jeffery Hicks

Vill du komma och träffa en av världens mest framstående inom PowerShell? Är du redo att ta dina PowerShell-kunskaper till nästa nivå? Kom och träffa en guru av rang inom PowerShell – Jeffery Hicks. Jeffery har över 25 års erfarenhet inom IT-branschen, är känd MVP och talar på konferenser världen över. Han har skrivit flera böcker och håller kurser på en masterclass nivå. Denna labb-intensiva kurs är på fem dagar och hålls på engelska. 

This is a 5 day class aimed targeted at IT professionals with some PowerShell experience looking to take it to the next level. This is not a class for absolute beginners. It is assumed the student will have some experience using PowerShell in a production environment and have created at least some basic PowerShell scripts. The goal of this course is provide advanced instruction on PowerShell scripting and automation including creating modules, class-based and graphical tools.

This class will focus is on using PowerShell 5.x although many of the concepts can be used in previous versions. The class will have minimal traditional presentation. Instead most of the time will be spent in hands-on activities.

Lab Requirements

It is assumed each student will have access to their own virtualized domain environment, preferably user Microsoft Hyper-V. At a minimum, each domain should have the following machines, each current on service packs, updates and patches.

  • Domain controller running at least PowerShell 4.0. Server Core is acceptable. This server can also be running DNS and DHCP.
  • Windows 10 client with Remote Server Administration Tools and Visual Studio Community Edition installed.
  • At least 1 Windows Server 2012 R2 Server running Server Core with the current version of the Windows Management Framework.
  • Lab computers should have Internet access

Ämnesområden (Engelska)

Day 1

  • PowerShell 5.0 Crash Course Review
  • A Review of WMI and CIM
  • An Introduction to PowerShell Scripting and Toolmaking
  • Scripting Security
  • Creating a basic PowerShell script
  • Parameterizing a Script
  • Creating a Basic PowerShell Function
  • A Review of Scope
  • Parameterizing a Function
  • Day 1 Lab

Day 2

  • Error Handling with Try/Catch
  • Debugging PowerShell Scripts and Functions
  • Understanding the Pipeline
  • Creating an Advanced PowerShell Functions
  • Adding Comment-Based Help
  • Using the PowerShell Script Analyzer
  • Creating a PowerShell Module
  • Day 2 Lab


Day 3

  • An Introduction to Pester
  • Using Scheduled PowerShell Jobs
  • Working with the Web
  • Server Management with PowerShell
  • Day 3 Lab

Day 4

  • An Introduction to Git for IT Pros
  • Script Signing
  • Creating Class based PowerShell Tools
  • Day 4 Lab

Day 5

  • PowerShell Scripting Best Practices, Tips and Tricks
  • Creating Graphical PowerShell Scripts with WPF
  • PowerShell Practice Lab

Note: This outline is subject to change depending on class requirements and experience level.

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