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Managing HP 3PAR StoreServ I

3 dagar

17900 kr

Kod: HK902S

Datum: 11 september

This course reviews HP 3PAR hardware and architecture along with providing administrators insight into the constructs within the HP 3PAR array family. Topics include Management Console GUI and CLI, Common Provisioning Groups, hosts and volume sets, Thin Provisioning, Dynamic Optimization, Virtual Copies, and Virtual Domains. The course is 50 percent lecture and 50 percent hands-on labs using HP 3PAR arrays. Note: hosts used are MS Windows. Läs mer

Stockholm 11 september

Managing HP 3PAR StoreServ II

2 dagar

12900 kr

Kod: HK904S

Datum: 14 september

This course covers Remote Copy, System Reporter, AdaptiveOptimization, and Peer Motion. Additional topics include bestpractices: performance, cost, and high availability along withthe new EVA to HP 3PAR Online Migration feature. Hands-onlab exercises help illustrate the concepts learned. Thetwo-day course is 50 percent lecture and 50 percenthands-on labs using HP 3PAR arrays. In some cases studentswill partner with other students for hands-on labs. Läs mer

Stockholm 14 september

Architecting Multi-site HP Storage Solutions

2 dagar

12900 kr

Kod: 00759555

Datum: Kursen hålls på begäran

The training will review and use case study lab exercises to expand the skills of Storage Architects to consult, design and propose solutions in the HP Converged Storage portfolio. The training enables a Storage Architect to identify and translate business requirements into a multisite storage solution design that supports deduplication and back-up recovery to support information protection and information retention. An HP Master ASE Storage Solutions Architect will have the skills, knowledge and tools to articulate, design, validate, propose and plan complete, supported HP Converged Storage solutions for nondisruptive reliability, scalability, optimized utilization, higher ROI, and operational simplicity. Läs mer

Designing HP Enterprise Storage Solutions

4 dagar

23900 kr

Kod: 00729772

Datum: Kursen hålls på begäran

This is an ILT VILT course designed to teach the correct skill requirements for Storage Pre-sales focused individuals that have the right knowledge to support the sales representatives at the customer site and prepare a complete and supported solution for a customer. Läs mer

Designing HP SMB Storage Solutions

2 dagar

12900 kr

Kod: 00729763

Datum: Kursen hålls på begäran

This course is designed to prepare storage professionals to consult, architect, and design and propose solutions in the HP Storage SMB portfolio. Läs mer