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Deploying Cisco Wireless Enterprise Networks

5 dagar

31450 kr


Datum: 12 december

This course has been designed to provide network professionals with the knowledge and skills required to successfully deploy wireless networks using Cisco controller and unified switching architecture policies and best practices. Läs mer

Stockholm 12 december
Linköping 12 december
Sundsvall 12 december
Umeå 12 december

Designing Cisco Wireless Enterprise Networks

5 dagar

31450 kr


Datum: 17 oktober

This course is focused on the design of a Cisco Wireless Network. Students will learn the steps required from initial customer contact to post deployment activities. Labs are used to reinforce design concepts along with various tools that assist in wireless design and management. Students are expected to have between 3 to 5 years of experience. Läs mer

Stockholm 17 oktober

Securing Cisco Wireless Enterprise Networks

5 dagar

31450 kr


Datum: 7 november

This course provides guidelines for implementing Wi-Fi security architectures through proper configuration of Cisco wireless components. Hands-on labs are used to reinforce concepts. Topics covered include deployment and key features of Cisco AireOS 8.0, Cisco Prime Infrastructure Release 2.2, and Cisco Identity Services Engine Release 1.3. Läs mer

Stockholm 7 november

Troubleshooting Cisco Wireless Enterprise Networks

3 dagar

24500 kr


Datum: 5 december

This wireless specific troubleshooting course has been designed to provide network engineers with best practices when troubleshooting Cisco Wi-Fi architectures. Hands-on labs are used to reinforce the theory and include troubleshooting Cisco AireOS Release 8.0, Cisco Prime Infrastructure Release 2.2, and Cisco Identity Services Engine Cisco ISE Release 1.3 features. Läs mer

Stockholm 5 december

Implementing Cisco Wireless Network Fundamentals v1.0

5 dagar

31450 kr


Datum: 21 november

This course looks at the fundamentals required in the planning, implementation and operation of a Cisco Wireless Lan network. This course is designed to help provide students with the knowledge and hands on practice required to enable them to design, install, configure, monitor and conduct the basic troubleshooting tasks of a Cisco WLAN in an SMB or Enterprise installations. As this is associate level course the advanced features of the Cisco WLAN networks solutions will not be covered in depth. Läs mer

Stockholm 21 november

Managing Enterprise Networks with Prime Infrastructure v2.2

5 dagar

30000 kr


Datum: Kursen hålls på begäran

Cisco Prime Infrastructure is a unified solution that allows you to manage the network, devices, applications and users from one place thus simplifying the management of wireless and wired networks. This 5 day instructor led course is focused on v2.2 of the Prime Infrastructure product, enhancements in the software have meant that this course is longer in duration than it s predecessor WMUAPI and flows differently to accomodate the changes to the Prime Infrastructure menu format. Läs mer