DevSum16: Rob Ashton- Caffeinated Passion

Ta del av Rob Ashtons session Caffeinated Passion

What happens when you take a software developer who is starting to feel the strain of a long term career in software development, and then apply their energy elsewhere? Last year I stopped moving for a brief moment, set myself up in an apartment in Glasgow and started learning how to make coffee with professional grade equipment and aiming to produce competition level quality goods in my kitchen. This ended up being one of the biggest journeys of my entire career as I learned about water chemistry, the importance of metrics (in both inputs and outputs) and started to get a handle on subjectivity and objectivity and how it applies to nearly everything we do.

In this talk I am going to get geeky and talk about both the journey taken and some of the learnings from it, when I say speciality coffee what do I mean? What makes the cut and is there such a thing even as good cup of coffee? How is any of this relevant to software development? I’ll find a way to bring this back on topic – that much I can promise.