Var med och delta i en av våra masterclasses där internationellt erkända föreläsare visar nyheter och best practices samt delar med sig av sina tips och erfarenheter.

BlackBelt – Moving from Reactive to Proactive Security with Sami Laiho

9 januari Gartner has said that one of the most needed changes in enterprise security is to move to a least privilege approach, whitelisting of applications and overall proactive security. Microsoft said in November 2015 that 85% of all security threats would have been mitigated by moving to proactive security. In year 2015 all major antimalware companies reported more than 250000 new malware samples EVERY day! Do you really need more convincing that you need to do it as well than these facts. This training is meant for all administrators and security professionals who want to make sure their environments are ready for the new security era where traditional security measures like anti-malware are not effective anymore.

Masterclass med Paula Januszkiewicz - Hacking Windows Infrastructure

23 januari In this workshop you will investigate the critical tasks for a high-quality penetration test. We'll look at the most efficient ways to map a network and discover target systems and services. Once the systems are discovered, we will search for vulnerabilities and reduce false positives with manual vulnerability verification. At the end we will look at exploitation techniques, including the use of the authored and commercial tools. In the attack summary we will always go through the securing techniques.

Masterclass med Paula Januszkiewicz - Securing Windows Infrastructure

25 januari This course is just a great workshop that teaches how to implement securing technologies one at a time. The course covers all aspects of Windows infrastructure security that everybody talks about, but during the course you will learn how to implement them! Our goal is to teach...

Masterclass med Paula Januszkiewicz - 360° Penetration Testing Course

30 januari The course teaches infrastructure security concepts, including the techniques on how to attack and how to respond with an appropriate countermeasure implementation. Our course has been developed around professional penetration testing and security awareness in the business and IT fields.

Masterclass med Paula Januszkiewicz - Windows Security and Infrastructure Management

6 februari This is a deep dive course on infrastructure services configuration, increasing their level of security and windows internals. It is a must-go for enterprise administrators, security officers and architects. Delivered by one of the best people in the market in the security field - with practical knowledge from tons of successful projects, many years of real-world experience, great teaching skills and no mercy for misconfigurations or insecure solutions.

Server 2016 Security - What’s New Seminar med Sami Laiho

6 februari Med den största uppdateringen av OS-kärnan sedan Server 2008 finns det mycket nytt att få koll på, inte minst inom säkerhet. Sami Laiho, internationellt känd Windows-guru och uppskattad talare på flertalet Microsoft-event, kommer i början av 2017 till Sverige för att hålla sitt heldagsseminarium i ämnet ”Server 2016 Security - What’s New”. Missa inte chansen att komma på banan med säkerheten i Windows Server 2016.

Black Belt Troubleshooting OS with Sami Laiho

20 februari Låt en presentatör i världsklass lära dig sina coolaste trick! Sami Laiho har felsökt och undervisat i femton år, och hans tekniska dragningar har belönats med ”Best in show” på flera konferenser världen över. Denna kurs riktar sig till dig som arbetar med Microsoft Windows Server eller Windows 7-10, och vill fördjupa dig inom felsökning av operativsystemet.

Masterclass: Developing cross-platform apps with C# using Xamarin with Gill Cleeren

3 april Xamarin is quickly gaining a lot of traction within the Microsoft developer community. Using the same language - C# - we can now create apps which run on iOS and Android, next to only Windows Phone previously. Developers which have been developing using the .NET stack now get the ability to extend their reach onto other platforms, while still being able to use tools like Visual Studio.

Masterclass: Identity & Access Control for modern Web Applications and APIs using ASP.NET Core 1.0 with Dominick Baier

4 april Modern application design has changed quite a bit in recent years. “Mobile-first” and “cloud-ready” are the types of applications you are expected to develop. Also, to keep pace with these demands, Microsoft has revamped their complete web stack with ASP.NET Core 1.0 to meet these architectural demands. Needless to say, you also have to secure these apps.

Developing modern web apps using ASP.NET Core MVC with Gill Cleeren

18 april Microsoft has introduced the next version of ASP.NET: ASP.NET Core. A new version of MVC, ASP.NET Core MVC has been introduced to allow developers to build modern and future-proof, server-side web applications. With this new release, the MVC and Web API frameworks have been unified. This new version introduces the biggest change to the platform since its inception many years ago. In this course, students will get all information on these new frameworks to get started building web applications with ASP.NET Core MVC.

Blackbelt - Mastering the Sysinternals Toolkit with Sami Laiho

22 maj Join this two day workshop by Sami Laiho, one of the world’s leading Windows Security experts and learn how to master the most important toolkit out there in real life scenarios with hands on labs. You will learn deep knowledge about the most important tools like Process Explorer, Process Monitor and Sysmon, but also learn how to benefit from not that well known tools in the toolkit.

Advanced Black Belt Troubleshooting - Windows OS Internals with Sami Laiho

29 maj Have you ever wondered if Windows Pagefile settings should be changed or how they actually work? Have you ever wondered what the values in Task Manager actually mean – like Paged Pool, Working Set, Free memory etc? Do you know how a file actually gets cached and finally written to the disk or how threads communicate with each other? Have you ever wondered what Mutexes or Semaphores in Process Explorer really mean? If you don’t know the answers, come and join this course as it will provide you with the answers and a lot more!